Announcing our new iPad game: SquirrelWarz!

SquirrelWarz for iPad Claws Its Way Onto the App Store
Real Time Strategy Game Challenges Gamers to Gather Resources,
Build Towers, and Protect Their Home Tree

San Francisco, CA, October 6, 2014 – Prepare to defend your homestead while battling your greatest enemies – the other squirrels. IGORLABS today announced that SquirrelWarz is now available for iPad for $1.99.  While the boots may be small, that doesn’t mean they’ll be easy to fill. In SquirrelWarz, you take command of your very own squirrel army. Gather resources, train your infantry, and build towers in this fast-paced real time strategy (RTS) game. SquirrelWarz combines tower defense elements with RTS for a casual-feeling game with some surprisingly challenging levels and a fun sense of humor.

SquirrelWarz is available now on the App Store at:

With games lasting as little as five minutes, SquirrelWarz is perfect for gamers looking for a quick, fun experience. Developed by a small team of Bay Area artists, SquirrelWarz feels like a handmade game… because it was made by hand! Most of the game’s art was created with watercolors and Sharpies, while the music was created with toy pianos, melodicas, and other toy instruments. Even the code is custom made by the developers. It’s all of these personal touches that make SquirrelWarz feel like a living piece of art.

Gamers looking for additional maps and another breed of squirrel to add to their army, can download an expansion pack for $0.99 cents.

SquirrelWarz is the first game release by IGORLABS. Founded in 2010 by Steve Hales, IGORLABS is a small studio filled with a great history in games. Steve, along with his brother – and SquirrelWarz lead artist – Mike Hales, worked at Danger, Inc. during the early days of the mobile gaming revolution. Together they created classic games for the Sidekick device including Bob’s Journey, Rock & Rockets, and Pumpjack. The music and writing of SquirrelWarz are the work of Doctor Popular, a yo-yoer turned game designer. The team is rounded out with the coding wizardry of Brian Hales and his dog Indy.

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