Advisor, Architect, Coder

San Francisco, CA

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Paul has been both developing software and windsurfing for over 30 years. Oddly enough, they do go hand in hand, creating a great balance of hard work and hard play.

Currently Paul is working in the software development services side of IGORLABS where he gets to meet new customers, define new projects, choose pertinent technologies, manage the software development life cycle, and code solutions.

He loves to work with customers to build the right software to get THEM to THEIR next level. The quicker and most cost effective the better. His adrenaline pumps when we take a customer from dream to reality!

Before joining IGORLABS, Paul co-founded Swing Labs (, purchased by SkyGolf) where he created the first objective, individualized golf club recommendation platform. In use by golf retailers across North America,Swing Labs provides real game improving suggestions for new equipment purchases.

The first 18 years of his career were consumed by co-founding and running the engineering side of SAPIEN Technologies, Inc, a software development consultancy in the San Francisco Bay Area. SAPIEN successfully delivered software to its customers who in turn provided it to literally millions of users around the world. Projects included Rand McNally travel software, Berkeley Systems After Dark screen saver products, educational software, and games. SAPIEN also spent many years developing software for medical diagnostics and rehab as well as body motion analysis for golfers.