"15 years of audio expertise at your service"

CoreAudio for iOS/OSX

IGORLABS is a team of experienced professionals that have been working with CoreAudio for iOS and Mac OSX for as long as the API has been around.

We can build exactly what you need and will share the knowledge.


Embedded Audio

Can build embedded audio solutions. Seasoned developers for Linux or other realtime OS's.

We created the miniBAE audio solution that's been used on millions of devices.


Command line Server Tools

The IGORLABS team has built command audio processing tools used by radio stations to analyze music for quick genre categorization, and volume leveling. We can provide experience on when and how to do this kind of software that can run in the cloud.

We treat your project as though it were our own. Because we are on your side to get your project done in a timely and high quality manner, we constantly think about doing what is right for the project and for you, our customer and teammate. 

We look forward to having the opportunity to launch you to your next level.