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There are a few ways to get some support for any apps made by IGORLABS.  Read the FAQ section below, and if that doesn't get your question answered, you can reach out via the following:



Contact Page



Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What kind of iPad do I need?
We support any iPad that can run iOS 6 or better.

Apple states, 'iOS 6 is not available for the iPhone 3G or earlier, iPod touch (3rd generation) or earlier, and iPad (1st generation)'


Q:  I bought a Squirrel breed or map, and I didn't want to. How do I get a refund?
No problem. We still like you. You can request a refund directly from Apple via this link. Follow the directions and when the form appears, select "Problem not listed here", and in the text entry just put "Would like a refund." Apple should respond in a few days. The map or breed will remain installed in your copy of the game until you delete the app.


Q:  Tell me more about Apple's In-App Purchase system.
Sure. This link has all kinds of information.